Packaging/Forklift Operators

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Packaging/Forklift Operators

Foley, Alabama




Job Description

A manufacturing plant in Foley, AL is needing full-time Packaging/Forklift Operators. Check out the job description below and see if it is a great fit for you!


The general summary of job duties required is as follows:

*Perform pack-out and bagging of boxed/bagged products, as well as bulk trailer loading of pellets.

*Handle minimum 55 lb. bags.

*Operate forklift to handle transporting of product

*Ensure documentation is completed to track pack out material that has been made

*Interact with the extruder operator to ensure the correct amount of material is packed out

*Operate bag lift assist to guide bags onto the pallet after being packed

*Prepare pre-blend batches to meet scheduled production orders.

*Prepare all pre-blend feedstock additives following specific recipes.

*Maintain communication with the Extruder Operator on the amount of pre-blend feedstock to assure a continuous run.

*Operate over-head hoist and scale mechanism to process fiberglass feedstock.

*Operate a forklift to handle movement of raw materials and product.

*Ensure documentation of both pre-blend and post-blend additives is recorded on the respective blend product documentation sheets.

*Handle minimum 60 lb. boxes/55 lb. bags.


The required qualifications to be considered are:

*Good reading and writing skills.

*Demonstrated ability to physically perform the essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodations.

*Demonstrated trouble shooting skills.

*Satisfactory job and safety performance in current assignment.

*Ability to work effectively in a team environment without close supervision.


Compensation & Schedule:

*12 hour rotating shift (Friday-Sunday 7am-7pm & Mon-Tue 7am-7pm; Off on Wed and Thurs)

*$15/hr and benefits

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