Temporary IT Specialist

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Temporary IT Specialist

Pensacola, Florida




Job Description

A Government Agency in Pensacola is in need of a full-time I.T. Security Specialist to join their team. The position is temporary and will last 11 months. The position pays $14-17/hr depending on experience.  Check out the description below to see if this position sounds like a great fit for you!


Job Duties:

*Work with Deputy IT to coordinate information security and other policies, standards, procedures and processes.

*Develop and implement an ongoing risk assessment program targeting information security; recommend methods for vulnerability detection and remediation and oversee vulnerability testing. Maintain an inventory of all sources of PHI and PII; Identify and document risks associated with these sources; Identify and document likelihood and impact of each risk; and Identify methods of mitigating or eliminating each risk.

*Serve as the security contact with respect to all State and Federal information security policies and regulations. Prepare and submit any required reports to external agencies.

*Develop and implement an Incident Reporting and Response System to address any related security incidents, including defining what incidents require responses and what level of response is needed based on the finding of the Risk Assessment. Respond to alleged policy violations or complaints from external parties.


*Serve as the SOE contact point for information security including relationships with law enforcement entities.


*Keep abreast of the latest security legislation, regulations, advisories, alerts and vulnerabilities pertaining to the BCC.


*Be knowledgeable of and document the technical aspects of the SOE network.


*Assist with the GIS program involving the maintenance of precinct Lines and Boundaries. 

*Prepares reports on all technical areas and security required updates.*Performs other duties of a similar nature or level.




*Bachelor's Degree in Information Security or related field.

*Minimum 2 years experience in information security, business system analysis or information technology or related field; or an equivalent of combined education and/or experience sufficient to successfully perform the duties of the job such as is listed above.

*Certification by an industry recognized organization e.g. Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, ISC2, SANS is preferred.

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