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Entry Level Customer Service Representative

Milton, Florida




Job Description

A well-known company located in Gulf Breeze is seeking an Entry-Level Customer Service Representative to join their team. Check out the description below to see if this position is a great fit for you!


You Enjoy:

*Explaining laws and processing title applications as well as transfers for vehicles and boats verifying registration numbers.

*Issuing hunting/fishing and business tax receipts.

*Entering data into computer terminal /personal computer for up to eight hours.

*Processing affidavits, registrations, and forms.

*Assisting the public by explaining laws and procedures, delinquent taxes, and other related information in person and by phone.

*Typing statements, researching tax bills, checking tax roll for proper information and performs other related clerical duties.

*Collecting payments on current and delinquent taxes, checking tax amounts on bills and issues receipts.

*Answering incoming calls concerning all aspects of tax collection, title, vehicle and vessel registration, hunting/fishing, business tax receipts, driver licenses and Florida ID cards.

*Relieving and/or fills in for drive up window teller when/if required.

*Processing large volumes of mail-in tax payments.

*Processing large volumes of vehicle mail-in renewals.

*Preparing outgoing mail for postal service and sort incoming mail.

*Assisting in maintaining all physical areas of the department assigned in a neat, clean, efficient manner including the ability to vacuum all work area

*Working in any office or branch assigned.

*Being responsible for suspending/ revoking driving privileges or closing suspensions/revocations; and for adding or deleting restriction to the application, license and driving record by on-line update procedure.

*Observing all customers for signs of physical or mental impairment, which would affect their ability to drive.

*Making inquiry or inquires of the customer for an explanation of the nature and severity of the observed impairment.

*Determining if the impairment exceeds the established standards for safe operation of a motor vehicle. 

*Presenting to the customer written notice that the required tests must be taken within five days and/or obtain the written waiver from the customer to conduct the tests immediately.

*Upon the customer’s failure to pass required examinations, issuing an order of suspension and retains customer’s license.

*Determining if any impairment meets the requirements for adding restrictions to the application, license and driving record of the customer.

*Reviewing any administrative documents submitted by the customer requiring the addition of driving restrictions.

*Processing data accurately and efficiently.

*Determining if any restrictions have expired or been rescinded and removes same from the application, driver record and driver license.       

*Receiving and examining required identification submitted by customers; denying those who may fraudulently try to obtain a Florida identification card and/or driver license; including examine  documents for immigrants and non-immigrants. Assisting in keeping the integrity of the driver license and or identification card, which is important to the domestic security of the state and nation.  Making sure that the DL/ID card issued accurately reflects the identity of the person presenting it.

*Determining the type of test(s) required based upon the type of license required.

*Making appropriate record of application on worksheet and verifies eligibility to take tests by consulting computer records.

*Explaining test procedures, prepares the test on ADLTS and delivers test to the customer.

*Reviewing test results and explain results to the customer.

*Explaining the driving test as required and accompanies customer to the test site.

*Conducting safety inspections on customer’s motor vehicle.

*Accompanying and/or observing customer’s driving skill through the test course. Denies issuance of license at any point in the process when the customer fails to meet the minimum established standards.

*Informing the customer of the reason for denying issuance and advises of remedial steps necessary to meet requirements.

*Determining that the customer is eligible to receive the license/identification card applied for.

*Completing exam worksheet and transfers information to the computer to generate the final application form.

*Administering required oath to the customer and obtains customer’s signature on the application.

*Capturing images of documents presented for first time immigrants, non-immigrants and residents with proper scanning equipment.

*Informing the customers they may apply for motor voter application.  If the customer answers yes, the customer’s application will be completed.

*Capturing the customer’s digital image and processes the finished license/identification card.

*Checking license/ID card for appropriate security features before delivery to the customer.

*Informing customers of organ donor program and processes accordingly for those who wish to participate.

*Informing the customer of the different contributions offered by Florida Statutes.

*Educating the customer about how to properly and most effectively resolve their situation.  Ensuring the customer is satisfied and understands the solution offered them.

*Carefully observing both the behavior of the customer and the condition of the documents submitted to detect deception or altered, counterfeit, or stolen documents.

*Upon detection of suspicious behavior or questionable documents conducts a carefully review of all available information regarding customer’s driving record in this and other states.

*If the record indicates that the customer has given false information, denying issuance or if non-citizen, complete transaction and notify appropriate headquarters section. 


You Are:

*Able to lift and carry up to 50lbs.

*Able to repetitively open & close drive thru window drawer.

*Able to stuff large amounts of envelopes.

*Able to drive to any office or branch assigned.

*Able to administer driving test.

*Able to stand for up to eight hours a day. 

*Able to maintain a positive attitude and support management decisions and office policies.

*Are able to pay attention to detail as required in a basic understanding of office procedures. 

*Able to respond to a variety of questions from the public regarding tax and fee obligations.       

* Requires ability and skill in handling difficult customers.

*Able to handle a variety of tasks at one time. 

*Able to set proper priorities. 


*Discipline to maintain complete confidentiality of sensitive and restricted information and avoid gossip. 

*Able to type, use office machines and computer keyboard. 

*Neat and appropriately dressed at all times, with a pleasant demeanor.

*Trustworthy and honest. 

*Respectful for other employees and ability to gain their respect. 

*Willing to expand own personal knowledge and professional skills.

*Organized and capable of following through to completion of assigned tasks and objectives.   

*Must possess a valid driver license.

*Able to get in and out of low vehicles and high trucks/sport utility vehicles without assistance.  


You Have:

*A positive outlook on the tasks of this job as it relates to serving the public by the Office of the Tax Collector.

*Ability to assume operation and/or immediately exit and/or take control of a vehicle in an emergency situation.

*A high school diploma, or equivalent.

*Previous experience working with the public.

*Good character and capable of being bonded and becoming Notary Public. 

*Knowledge of basic procedures and principles of mathematics, business English and general office duties.

*Basic knowledge, skills, and abilities in the operation of computer, printer, typewriter, facsimile, photocopier, calculator and other standard business machines.

*The capability of processing cash, check, credit and/or debit transactions in a cashier service function. *Three months experience as a cashier or handling money.

*A valid Class E or higher driver’s license

*The skill to drive an automobile.



Compensation and Schedule:

*This position is full-time and pays $11.03/hour; if selected after the 18 week period the pay moves to $12.53/hour. After one year on their payroll the pay will be $13.67/hour.

*Hours are Monday-Friday 7:45am-4:45pm


Assignment Type:

*This position is considered contract and is expected to last 18 weeks.


Does this job sounds like a match for your personality, skills and previous experience?  Apply now!

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