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Part-Time Bookkeeper

Niceville, Florida




Job Description

A Lutheran Church in Niceville is in need of a Part-Time Bookkeeper to join their team. This position maintains the accounting of the church and the school under the supervision of the President and Pastor and policy guidance from the treasurer. Check out the description below to see if this position sounds like a great fit for you!

You Enjoy:

*Maintaining current assets to include the primary checking account, cash on hand, and investment accounts.

*Maintaining fixed assets to include land, buildings, vehicles, and equipment and their deprecation.

*Maintaining current liabilities such as a pre-paid tuition, deposits, and taxes payable.

*Maintaining accounting funds, chart of accounts, and donor restrictions.

*Enter and post financial transactions.

*Closing working month and generate monthly financial reports.

*Maintaining vendor records and vendor types.

*Maintaining open invoices and repeating items.

*Authorizing invoices, release repeating items and post accounts payable.

*Printing checks for signature and mail signed checks to vendors.

*Generating monthly and annual reports including 1099s.

*Maintaining customer types, payment methods, and predefined items.

*Maintaining customer invoices, payments, and credit memos.

*Printing invoices and mailing to customers.

*Posting accounts receivable and printing reports.

*Maintaining payroll item descriptions, tax types, tax tables, pay groups, and codes.

*Maintaining employees, employee direct deposit, and time-off calendars.

*Processing payroll and printing checks for signature.

*Generating tax deposit reports, quarterly tax returns, and annual W2s.

*Post contributions entered by the financial secretary.

*Generating ad hoc, weekly, monthly, and annual contribution reports.

*Maintaining the school financial billing information.

*Generating invoices for school tuition and fees.

*Maintaining the physical security of the bookkeeper’s office at all times.

*Maintaining confidentiality of all financial information.

*Reconciling bank, credit card accounts, and contributions.

*Ensuring compliance with applicable federal, state, and city laws and regulations.

*Performing due diligence and elevating issues.


You Are:

*Proficient in an accounting software package such as QuickBooks.

*Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.

*Well-spoken with a polite and courteous disposition.


*Organized and have an eye for detail.

You Have:

*A certification in Bookkeeping or an Associates’ Degree.

*Experience working in PowerChurch and ProCare accounting software is preferred.

*5+ years of experience in Church accounting is preferred.

Compensation and Schedule

*This position is part-time and pays $17.00-$23.00/Hour, depending on experience.  

*The schedule is flexible, 20-24 hours per week.

Assignment Type:

This assignment is considered Contract-to-Direct, meaning you will remain on Landrum’s payroll for at least 15 weeks. Once the 15 weeks is over, your employer can elect to bring you onto their payroll or extend the assignment out longer through Landrum.


Does this job sound like a perfect match for your personality, skills and previous experience? Apply today!

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